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I will provide the highest quality grooming available, by using the highest quality products, and by always staying up to date with the latest education offered in the industry.  I will provide your pet with professional service, gentle handling in a comfortable, clean and sanitary environment. I will provide you with the superior customer service!

Why Mobile Dog Grooming?

  • The  Dogs Gone Stylin'  Mobile Salon comes to your Home or Business
  • Perfect for home bound individual
  • Perfect for seniors dogs, puppies, dogs that get car sick
  • Your pet never leaves the property~ your pet is groomed at a safe and familiar environment
  • Your pet is not sitting in a cage waiting for hours with other stress dogs around them
  • I am the only person handling your dog(s) from start to finish 
  • No exposure to other animals~the salon and equipment is sanitized between appointments
  • Service done between 1-2 hours
  • Personalized one on one attention 


Full Groom

shampoo and conditioner

bath and brush out

fluff dry

sanitary trim

pads trimmed

hair cut

nails trimmed

ears cleaned


doggie cologne

Spa Bath

shampoo and conditioner

bath and brush out

fluff dry

nails trimmed

ears cleaned

face, feet and fanny


doggie cologne 


 I completed one course in a traditional class room setting and then a certification  testing with International Professional Groomer Inc.   I have a more than 600 hours in training and have completed a practical evaluation and have passed written tests in the following subjects:

Canine Behavior and Safety

    Compassionate Handling

    Humane Restraint of Pets 

    Safe Confinement Skills

Bathing and Drying Technique

    Special Breed Considerations

    Dryer Safety and Use

    Safe Brushing and De-Matting Techniques

Pet Health Concerns

    Pet Health and First Aid

    Zoonotic Diseases

Skin and Hair Physiology

    Understanding hair in grooming

    Effects of bathing, clipping on skin and hair

Sanitation, Cleaning and Disinfecting

    Chemical Safety and Sensitivity

    Developing a Pet-Safe Disinfecting Program

Safe Equipment Use

    Pet Dryers

    Scissors, Clippers and Brushes

    Safe Grooming Skills


    Maintaining Professional Standards


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